is a Scam crypto-news website.

There has been an email-phishing scam happening to the Stellar community and other crypto communities lately.

Documented here on r/CryptoCurrency couple of days ago:

Stay safe and don’t fall for this SCAM (claiming Stellar) from CryptoCurrency

and on r/Stellar:

There is NO Staking on Stellar! from Stellar

This is the website link:

(SCAM ARTICLE) www. the-blockchain. com/2020/06/26/stellar-unfurls-community-staking-marathon/ (SCAM ARTICLE)

Within a couple hours of being notified of an email-phishing scam happening to community members, I Googled ‘Stellar news’. To my shock, this random website ‘’ was near the top with a new post made ‘2 hours ago’ (no images my bad). The website link is the page I posted above. If you Google ‘Stellar news’ now, you can’t even find it. The webpage with the spoofed account viewer is still live however.

It’s clear this website is a scammer website that is used by the same email-phishing scammers. No one would be dumb enough to re-post a scam article without actually partaking in the scam and/or realizing that the free lumens it’s promoting simply empties your wallet the second you post your secret key in the input field.

This is not only a post to call-out the recent scam happening and to watch out for further scams, but **this post is to highlight the fact that scammers will use ‘news websites’ to further their own scams and garner trust faster.**

Stay safe everyone.

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