Symbol and NEM — The Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Blockchain solution


**The Symbol Platform from NEM for Enterprise**

The possibilities for Enterprise customers to use the Next Gen Blockchains are exciting: From small transactions in a peer to peer International payments, to the tracking of valuables, to prove the authenticity of artworks, to delivering the platform for CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies), to managing property records, to tracking medical history, to maintaining an enterprise ledger — Symbol is powerful, and yet simple enough, to deliver all these solutions plus many more.

The Symbol Platform seeks to add value to Enterprise customers’ globally, by showing them where and how to implement Permissioned and Public second generation Blockchain solutions, using Symbol and, its public chain sister, NIS1.

**Why is the Symbol Platform good for Enterprise?**

The answer here is the simplicity of the solution, where the NEM teams have used the last five years plus, to learn from the current public network, whilst talking to enterprise customer’s as to what they really need now in an Enterprise Blockchain solution

In my view, the Symbol and NIS1 solution is THE Enterprise Blockchain solution, as it is designed for Enterprise and delivers the following:

>“Simple Programming language and Simple integrations into existing Enterprise systems using API’s, together with latest cryptographic security and multi signatory access”

It is a truly transformational time for Blockchain technology, and Enterprise adoption is critical to the success of this. I truly believe the Hybrid Blockchain solution is the best solution for all enterprise, combining the best of a public Blockchain with the best of the private blockchain.

>“Next Gen Enterprise Blockchain solutions are here and ready to revolutionise the world as we know it”


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