Related to FET, VXV, NMR and AGI ‘Five Machine Learning Methods Crypto Traders Should Know About’

** »In a recent** [**article**](**, I discussed the relevance of the machine learning techniques powering the famous OpenAI’s GPT-3 could have for the crypto market. GPT-3 – which can answer questions, perform language analysis and generate text – might be the most famous achievements in recent years of the deep learning space. But, by no means, is it the most applicable to the crypto space. In this article, I would like to discuss some novel areas of deep learning that can have a near immediate impact in the quant models applied to crypto. « **


Crypto’s working on this with some having released products,

FET []( (machine learning, AI)

VXV []( (OpenAI GPT-3, NLP, machine learning, AI)

NMR []( (machine learning, AI)

AGI []( (AI)

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