Options for passive income from your crypto?


I’m currently researching all the options to earn passively on your crypto, either via lending it to earn interest or other options, including centralized ones with counter party risk, here is what I have so far, hoping for you guys to add to it.

**Lending with counter-party risk, 4 to 6% interest per year**

* Blockfi (seem to be the most established one, with US regulatory approvals and etc)
* Celsius (seemed super fishy at first but the community seems to respect them)
* [Crypto.com](https://Crypto.com) (also seemed fishy but well liked by the community
* Nexo (quite established EU company, with very serious mother company behind them)
* [blockchain.com](https://blockchain.com) (They are new to the game but offer the highest interest and have been around since forever)

**Lending with exchanges with counter-party risk, variable interest based on demand**

* bitfinex (please note there are at least couple of legal claims against them so they can go under at any time, but offer lending for lots of tokens)
* Liquid (only BTC and ETH here, not sure how stable they are)
* Poloniex ( have been around for a while but you can lend only few cryptos and interest is usually small, because demand there is weak)
* (Binance) but their offers are sold out almost all of the time, so never managed to try them

**The « farming » kind, DeFi, no counter-party risk**

* Uniswap (They seem to be the everyone’s favorite kid around the block, only downside I see is the « impermanent loss » meaning if you provide ETH and DAI (you have to always provide in pairs) you can end up with lots of DAI and little of ETH and effectively have sold your ETH at lower price, missing price appreciation for trading fees which likely won’t offset the long term upside potential of ETH. Not sure how profitable is providing only stablecoin pairs to avoid that risk.
* Curve.fi (I’m about to research them just now, will update later)
* [Yearn.finance](https://Yearn.finance) (The mostly automate the use of the above 2 and some defi lending ones, but adding it anyway since they seem to be super hot now)

**Lending to defi ones with no counter-party risk**

I’m yet to research those





This is just from my short research and minimal experience, so PLEASE feel free to add the ones you know with short description as mine. I’m going to test them and update here.


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