Massive youtube crypto ad scam underway

Almost every youtube video for a crypto topic goes to a free eth scam ad.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Almost every crypto ad shows a free eth scam.

here is what it looks like


40k views on a video called « Dish » in 3 days.

Another one calls itself « meal »

10k views in a single day


This shit is out of control.

It has been going on for months.

People have been complaining on other subs about it and elsewhere.

People have been sending emails to YouTube, been reporting the ads, been contacting the media, and zero action taken. Even Steve Wozniak and the CEO of Ripple yotube to do something about the scam ads.

I have never seen anything like this before. Visit any crypto video and you will see that free eth ad.

The scammer must be using dozens of google ad accounts to generate so many ads at once. I have spoken to someone who uses Google ads he has says the budget is at least $5k spent on ads. Each view costs about .13-.25 , so 50k views is around $5-7k spent on ads. This is on par with a media company in terms of ad spending. My guess is the Adwords accounts are hacked or created with stolen credit cards or something like that

These ppl making in same money ripping off others. That is why the ads are so persistent.

We need to keep making a noise about this and demanding something be done. Maybe a petition or a letter or something. I have reported the ads but it does not good it seems.

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