IOTA roadmap update | Path to coordicide

So as it stands now:

– This year we’ll see Chrysalis pt2, with the first tests coming end this month (so people have time to convert to the new APIs) (Q4 2020)
– Pollen testnet is already live. The last coordicide modules are being developed as we speak (mainly mana) using the GoShimmer node. This testnet will run till end of year. (2020)
– Nectar will launch later this year, which is incentivized testing and trying to find bugs in the coordicide solution. (Q4 2020, Q1 2021)
– In the meantime there will be a Chrysalis pt3 which will bring colored coins/digital assets. (probably Q1 2021?), and who knows, also smart contracts.
– Honey will be the last testnet with final coordicide modules (Q1-Q2, 2021).
– Coordicide probably Q3 2021

GoShimmer: coordicide testnet node based on Go.

Hornet: mainnet node based on Go.

Bee: mainnet node based on Rust.

GoShimmer/Hornet share some code. It’s likely that Hornet and Bee will implement all Chrysalis changes, and that they will also implement the coordicide modules ultimately.

IOTA can be considered ‘production ready’ after Chrysalis pt2 (binary + UTXO) in terms of supported TPS, and the API won’t change that much after coordicide. Companies that demand total decentralization have to wait till coordicide, others can already start deploying apps on IOTA mainnet later this year.

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