I was hired by Crypto bay Inc but things are odd.


Hey all, I am writing this post looking for advice. I was recently hired by a crypto currency bank by the name of Crypto Bay inc. They’re based in Hong Kong but have a US manager that contacted me about the position.

The job is that they will give me money and that I will be using a website by the name of coinbase to perform said transactions. For ever successful transaction I complete, I would be given a 5% commission. I said, » Okay enough. » I filled out the application and got accepted. I fill out a contact for one year and read over everything that would be covered. Everything was cool until they had me fill out a bank account form even though I used my debit card to sync up with coinbase.

I gave them the bank account information but put in my username and password for coinbase because I assume that is what they needed but he actually wanted my login information for what I used to get into my bank account. Can anyone explain to me what is going on here? I’m legit confused and feel like I’m going to get scammed. My start date was June 23rd but according to their website I’m still a « candidate » when my start date was yesterday. It also doesn’t help the US manager has stopped answering my emails. My mom and a few friends think this is shady and I could be led into doing illegal action.

So…..can you guys help me? Here is a link to the website-> [http://cryptobayinc.com/](http://cryptobayinc.com/)

Edit: Only three comments in and I see where I fucked up. My bank account is fine for now and nothing bad has happened to it.

Edit 2: Wow…..this guy has to be the either the worst criminal or the biggest idiot. Despite me giving him my username and password to my bank account he didn’t bother to get in it. I fucking dodged a bullet! Holy fuck…..can I report this to the police, FBI, or IRS?

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