How to sell your r/Cryptocurrency moons

Since many asked the question in the daily i thought i would post the videos i used.

To link ur reddit vault with a wallet:

To transfer moons to xmoons:

What he didnt mention directly in the video: (or i just missed it)

0. he said that but just gonna put it here so its complete: get some ETH and DAI and transfer it to ur metamask wallet. 10$ of Eth and 3 DAI are enough.

1. You will need to add xDai as custom Network in MetaMask (see desc. of second video for the address)

2. to swap dai to xdai you can use and simply connect ur metmask wallet with the website. Here is a guide: (
*note u can directly deposit DAI from coinbase or anywhere and skip the uniswap stage. You need a little xdai to cover transaction fees while swapping/selling ur moons.

2.1. get some ETH for free for the Rinkeby testnet.
Tweet ur ETH wallet via twitter and then copy the tweetlink into the faucet website
The faucet didnt work for me for some reason but a friendly user helped me out.

3. do what he did in the second video and go to and swap ur moons to xmoons

4. connect ur metamask wallet to honeyswap and sell the moons.

5. to get ur xdai back to dai simply do step 2 in reverse by using

I hope I got all covered. Its late and I am writing this on my phone while laying in bed. Please help eachother in the comments.

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