Forex trader looking to start trading Crytpo as well (help with brokers and lot sizes?)

Hey there — I’m no stranger to trading. I trade Forex and Futures. I’m also not a complete newb to cryptocurrency in general, but I am when it comes to actively trading it.

To me, it just seems like Forex but with crypto and I’d really like to start building up my crypto holdings by « trading up » my account rather than solely just converting cash into crypto over time.

What is confusing me a little bit is lot sizing, leverage, and the right brokers to use.

I was eyeing [CryptoAltum]( if anybody has experience with that?

Although I’d prefer something I can trade with Tradingview (my preferred charting / execution platform).

Aslo — lot sizing.

With Forex it’s pretty simple…

1,000 = micro-lot (approx. 10 cents per pip value on majors)

10,000 = mini-lot (approx $1 per pip value on majors)

100,000 = standard lot (approx $10 per pip value on majors).

But how is lot sizing determined with Crypto pairs?

I’m interested in trading crypto-against-crypto (for example LTC/BTC).

Is there an online calculator somewhere where I can easily determine the value per pip (or « tick »?) based on leverage and lot size?

Sorry if this has been answered a bazillion times.

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