Deadmau5 used decentralised RNDR GPU network to produce his latest video đź‘€

Check out the music video: [deadmau5 & The Neptunes – Pomegranate (Official Music Video)]( and the interview of [how Deadmau5 used the RNDR network]( to render each frame in parallel with > 40-50 simultaneous frames on the go in conjunction with his two GPU farms.

He finished a week early too 🚀

>The animated clip was directed by Nick DenBoer of Generic Versatility, who previously helmed the videos for Deadmau5’s “Drama Free” and “Monophobia.” The “Pomegranate” video finds Deadmau5 facing off against a bunch of other animal-headed creatures in an intergalactic car race that starts on a beach-side road, but then heads to outer space, the planet Neptune (of course) and a psychedelic pomegranate-coated world — and that’s all before the racers get shrunk down to the size of a bug for the final leg.
>Source: [RollingStone](

Love what these guys are doing, I can see why [Coinbase is exploring support for RDNR]( on their exchange.

The RNDR token is mined by artists with spare GPU capacity, which entitles them to the same resource back on demand. RNDR credits can also be purchased on exchange, or using Stripe / Paypal. Where a RNDR credit purchased via Stripe is equivalent to a RNDR token @ 25c (ICO Price), so RNDR purchased from exchange is currently available at a 2/3rds off discount.

The team is currently onboarding genesis miners, prioritising existing Octane Render subscribers (their flagship product) and will be processing new applicants as per demand. They have plans to incentivise existing users with a limited number of credits to attract them into using RNDR. Octane Render is a $25 / mo sub, this fee is *currently* only payable in fiat but may be payable using RNDR in the future.

The team has been working in stealth since their ICO in 2017, finally unveiling their production ready network at [NVIDIA’s GTC 2020]( (~18mins time-stamped) conference on 10 April 2020.

Most recent news to get up to speed on the project:

* 1 July – [Latest AMA update](
* 26 June – [Token Metrics update](
* 11 May Jules Urbach on [the current status of RNDR]( đź“ą
* 11 May – [NVIDIA GTC 2020: The future of GPU Rendering]( đź“ą


* Circulating Supply: 123m RNDR
* Total (Max) Supply: 536m RNDR
* Market cap: 123,000,000 * 0.09 = $11M

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