Crypto scam Apollo fakes presidential election for a new nation.

I have seen many ponzi schemes and scams in crypto, but this one is by far the wildest and most entertaining. I’m talking about [Apollo Currency]( or as they are re-branding themselves now with a better looking website – [Apollo Fintech]( and it’s infamous front-man [Steve Mccullah](

He recently stated there is a [new nation forming in Africa]( that Steve believes will become a powerhouse in the future and it will run on Apollo blockchain. They just went as far as making a livestream [presidential election video]( for the United Allied States. One of the candidates was no other than Steve Mccullah himself and of course he also won.

Who is this new president you ask? Apparently he is a former zoology expert who back in 2012 started a [kickstarter campaign]( for his expedition and documentary on finding a living [dinosaur]( among other things in jungle of Congo. After rising nearly 30000$ the expedition and documentary never happened and he disappeared with the money. Not for long though as he was back with a new kickstarter project 3 years later. This time he was not into zoology anymore and instead turned to developing games. Trying to get twice as much money now with his new [MMO real gold mining game]( Thankfully kickstarter caught up to them and suspended the whole thing before they could scam anything out of people. [Here is]( a fun promotional interview they did and got some tough questions from 2 blonde girls. This kickstarter was posted in [shittykickstarters subreddit]( where it was trashed for it’s pyramid scheme concept and stolen images. Now in 2020 they are pushing that [same game under a different name]( and different look on Apollo blockchain as the next big thing to come out. It has the same promise of mining real gold.

Then you have their new [hybrid stable coin]( on apollo blockchain that can be bought on presale now. Apparently it is backed by gold rich land and gold worth of 6.5 billions and according to them it’s the only stable coin that can only increase in value. It will obviously dump if it even gets to the point where it can be sold on exchanges.

Some past posts on Apollo scam [here](

There is so much more I could write, but I don’t have the patience. With that many red flags and the overall ridiculous and unrealistic promising people are throwing money at this thing for the past few years and are still doing it right now. Why? Are these the same people who fall for the Nigerian prince emails?

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