Bluzelle vs Filecoin: Decentralized Storage For Data & Files

Bluzelle is a decentralized service provider that aims to allow users to create on-demand, scalable databases for blockchain applications.
Bluzelle is building a blockchain based database service for distributed applications (DApps). While other projects focus on general file storage Bluzelle plans to focus on providing DApps with fast and scalable access to databases. Users can provide excess storage and computing power to DApp developers using the native BNT token. Those that provide their storage and computing are reffered to as “producers” while the DApp developers act as “consumers.” The project expects potential users of the service to include prediction markets, exchange protocols, and data streaming networks built on blockchain technology.
Bluzelle’s database works like a torrent or a content delivery network where data is retrieved from multiple nodes in real-time. When data is uploaded to the network it is broken into pieces, or shards, which are fully copied to every node in a cluster. When a DApp requests data, shards are pulled from the closest local nodes or in parallel from the faster nodes on the network, which can reduce latency and increase performance.

Nodes within a cluster are spread out in different geographies to reduce the impact of local events like power outages or natural disasters. If a node were to go offline in a cluster the data is still maintained by the other nodes in that group. Consensus is created at a swarm level, where groups of nodes agree on a local consensus. This differs from most blockchain applications, which rely on a network-wide state of consensus.

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